The Team

We have an awesome team of wine and beer professionals at Nectar. We pride ourselves not only in our service but in our wine and beer knowledge. That is why many of our team members are Beer Server Certified, Wine Spirits Education Trained, Certified Specialists of Wine,  and have Sommelier and Cicerone certifications. Get to know the awesome team below!’


Josh started the Nectar brand in 2010 with a wine blog and then transitioned to a brick and mortar location called Nectar Tasting Room (now Nectar Catering and Events). Josh opened Nectar Wine and Beer in 2015 while expanding the event centers to include The 1889 Building, The White Room and The Shape Center


Ben joined the Nectar team in 2014 after first meeting Josh through their wine blogs in 2010. Ben is an avid and talented writer and enjoys ferreting out the best craft beer for our guests. Ben considers himself a promiscuous drinker enjoying a variety of fermented beverages.


Jeff has been a Nectar main stay since 2016 and not only provides amazing service but helps to guide the team in their wine and beer education endeavors. Even though Jeff is a die hard Raiders fan we still let him in the building. Want to get on Jeff’s good side. Bring him a bottle of Rose