Craft Crowlers are Here

Beer lovers know the frustration and love affair with the glass or stainless steel growler. Draft beer just tastes better and often times the craft product is offered in limited runs and aren’t always available canned or bottled. Remembering to take your growler with you can be an issue and committing to 64 ounces can sometimes leave the beer tasting flat before you are able to finish it. Growlers can also be time consuming to fill and they aren’t the most sanitary and should be washed before re-using.

Enter the CROWLER. Crowlers are fillable and sealable cans that allow a safe, sanitary fill of your favorite draft beer TO GO to be consumed later. One added benefit is that an unopened crowler will stay fresh for up to a month.

It is wall known that Nectar has one of Spokane’s craftiest 16 beers on tap. We travel the Northwest to bring draft beer to Spokane that is not normally found here. We even have beers made exclusively FOR Nectar from time to time. Nectar offers 32 oz CROWLER fills of any of our beer on tap. Come down, give a taste of  a few and take your favorites home to enjoy on your own patio, at the lake or on your next camping trip.